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Politics, History - early modern, Religious studies

Why did you apply to King Ed's?

I knew I wanted to pursue the humanities at the best possible Sixth Form I could, and King Edward’s had always represented that academic quality to me. The campus is clean and carries the right atmosphere, the independence college affords is a great step from secondary school in a positive way and the real blend of students ensures you meet plenty of different people.


What have you enjoyed about your studies at King Ed's?

As I’ve delved into my subjects on a much more detailed level, I have discovered interests I never knew I had. Teachers are knowledgeable and will always give you opportunity to investigate things further and help foster your interest.


What are your progression plans after college?

Following on from Year 13, I plan to attend University College London to study a BA in Archaeology. From my studies I’ve become really interested in physical emblems of history, religion and find myself wanting to contribute in this field. This passion paired with a trip to Rome and the Pompeii excavations in Year 12 has led to my being seriously driven to pursue archaeology for there is still so much history to be unearthed and better understood.


Do you have any tips for success for potential students?

Organise, organise, organise! A-levels can be quite imposing but if you deck yourself out beforehand with three folders per subject you can’t go too wrong.