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Classical Civilisations, English Language & Literature, Film Studies

Why did you apply to King Ed’s?

At first, I considered King Ed’s because of the results they produced and the opinions of people I knew. When I came to have a look around, I was stunned! The campus is gorgeous and exactly the right environment, and the teachers are so supportive and encouraging, you know they love their subjects, and it makes you love the subject too!


What have you enjoyed about your studies at King Ed’s?

I like the level of discussion and interpretation within my lessons. There is very rarely only one right answer and hearing how differently other people can think about the same material is so interesting!

I have enjoyed my enrichment a lot; in ‘Choose Happy’ it was a good way to wind down and de-stress, learning about how to balance workloads, study productively and keep yourself motivated was useful. It gave me a way to meet people who were not necessarily doing the same subjects as me.

Lastly, I have enjoyed the Aspire talks, I only had the chance to go to a few, but I’d recommend it, even if it’s not related to a subject you’re studying. Its beneficial to sit and listen to interesting topics, talks about jobs and experiences that other people have, or even to have a debate with others!


What are your progression plans after college?

I’m planning on studying English and Creative Writing at Birmingham, and after that hopefully get an internship in publishing and editing and work my way up from there!


Do you have any tips for success for potential students?

The most important thing is to stay on top of your work as you go through your courses, that way you won’t have to rush through your revision, and you can just do refreshers! Also, remember to reward yourself. It’s a big step from GCSE to A-Level and keeping a growth mindset is key! All the staff are here to help and support you through your journey!