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Drama & theatre studies, Geography, English literature, Biology

Why did you apply to King Ed's?

King Edwards is and always has been the best college in the area and so it was always my intention to apply to study here. Over the years, both the results and the testimonials of people I knew who went had always impressed me and when I came to the open events, I saw why. The atmosphere is welcoming and supportive, but it also encouraged stretching oneself to attain more. This belief was integral to my choosing the college, for who wouldn’t want to learn in an environment that both encourages and supports you to make progress.


What have you enjoyed about your studies at King Ed's?

The element of challenge and independence has been something that has made my experience at King Ed’s so far, so much more enjoyable than I could have imagined. All of the tutors and staff members are there to support you in any way possible and to give you the best education on offer; this alongside the extra-curricular and wider community activities that have been part of college have enriched what is already a brilliant experience. Encouraging teachers have made learning so enjoyable.


What are your progression plans after college?

I hope to attend university after King Edwards. This aim has been nurtured in college throughout my time and the guidance I have received has helped to shape my ideas for the future, clarifying exactly what fields and where I would like to move to next.


Do you have any tips for success for potential students?

Above all, the tip I would give to anyone is just to work hard and keep motivated. These two pieces of advice are integral to success because if you aren’t passionate about a subject, why spend so many hours a week ploughing on. In working hard you know for sure that between you and your teachers, you will be a step forward to whatever you want to do next.