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History, Psychology, Sociology

Why did you apply to King Ed’s?

After attending a high school just ten minutes from my house, I was after a new start. I knew everyone in my school and wanted to see some new faces and hopefully make new friends.  As everyone would have worked hard to get into King Ed’s, I knew I’d find people I could click with. I also had friends in the Year 13, and they would often rave about how brilliant the teaching and student life was.


What have you enjoyed about your studies at King Ed’s?

I have personally found that my studies have given me so much freedom to do my own work so that I am truly responsible for my own level of achievement. Whilst doing GCSEs I was often spoon fed in lessons and the prospect of university was very daunting, but now, being able to stand on my own two feet, yet still getting all of the aid and resources from my teachers, I feel better prepared for my next step into higher education.


What are your progression plans after college?

I plan on studying a psychology degree. I am still in the process of looking at university options, but I know when it comes to it, I will have a brilliant support system to help me get into whatever course I want.


Do you have any tips for success for potential students?

Pick your enrichment so that it fits for you and you will find people with the same interests; this helped me settle into the college environment. Be social and make as many new friends as you can, just be your own person because college really lets you express yourself, so embrace that.