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Biology, Chemistry, Psychology

Why did you apply to King Ed’s?

King Ed’s has a very respectful and friendly atmosphere. It ensures that students work more independently which prepares us for university. King Ed’s also has good links with some of the best universities such as Cambridge and Oxford.


What have you enjoyed about your studies at King Ed’s?

Teachers are very helpful, nice, and funny. They make sure you understand the lesson and acquire many exam skills for each topic. The teachers support us with our revision and help the classroom to have a warm and amazing atmosphere.

Enrichment programmes create a chance for you to meet new students and make new friends. They bring in different figures representing different universities and industries to give us a taste of their day to day life, the highlights of their job or courses they deliver.


What are your progression plans after college?

After college I will continue my studies in medical school and specialise in psychiatry.


Do you have any tips for success for potential students?

You might be shocked with the amount of detail and content each subject has, but by the time you’ve reached the Christmas holidays in Year 12, everything will come more naturally and you’ll feel like King Ed’s is the right studying environment for you.

Don’t forget to have some fun, because in Year 13, you won’t have as much time for socialising. I have met a great deal of people that are now very close friends of mine, not only do they keep me company, but they also help me with my college work.