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Student Support

Becoming a student at King Ed’s does require you to have a level of independence, but we fully support you during your time with us. Our specialist teams ensure that your pastoral and additional academic needs are met, allowing you to thrive and reach your full potential while you study with us.

Personal tutors

All students are assigned a personal tutor (PT) whose primary focus is to provide support and guidance throughout your studies. Your PT is someone whom both you and your parents can contact at any time if you have concerns. You will meet with them on a regular basis for both individual and group tutorial sessions; they will monitor your academic progress and be your first point of contact if you need help outside the classroom.

Lead tutors

Our lead tutors work closely with our personal tutors and have overall responsibility for your pastoral care. They have access to an array of services and advisors, whose help can be called on for additional or specialised support.

Learning support

King Ed’s is a supportive and inclusive environment and our trained team deals with disclosures of any learning, physical or mental health issues sensitively. We ask that any issues be disclosed at application as this allows us to make appropriate arrangements and, where required, source special equipment. The team will then work with you throughout your studies to ensure your needs are met.

Learning support

We have an experienced and dedicated team at King Edward’s to support the students who have additional learning needs. If a learning need is disclosed at application, we will work alongside your school to ensure the support you receive there is continued when you start college.

We assign learning mentors to those students who would benefit from them and they are accessible to students as much as they need.

We support a wide range of needs including dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, ADHD, Autism, Asperger, visual and hearing impairments, slow processing and physical disabilities. However, if you do have a need which you’d like to discuss prior to application, then please do contact our SENco, Jo Preston,


Being a student at King Ed’s involves much more than just studying for your academic qualifications. We want to ensure that your time with us prepares you for the future. We have carefully developed a careers and enrichment programme, which increases your skills and helps to prepare you for your next steps.

We have an experienced careers team who provide advice and guidance regarding careers, university applications and apprenticeships. They will work with you to develop your plans for the future. They can support you with relevant work experience, hold progression events throughout the year and deliver a wealth of information to you.

If you have a particular career in mind, such as medicine, teaching, engineering, law and so on then we have a number of pathways which ensure you receive direct and relevant experience for that particular field.

Counselling Services

We have full time counselling service at King Ed’s which is free for all our students and staff to use. It is fully confidential and easy to access. Our experienced counselling team have a wealth of experience and are able to guide and support our student body through any difficulties and stresses they may need support in.

Referrals can be made by tutors or teachers or the student can self-refer directly to the counselling inbox. Following an initial assessment, they will then be offered six counselling sessions, however, in the case of more complex issues additional sessions can be offered if it is felt they are necessary.

The team work with a range of external agencies so if referrals need to take place this can be done so in an effective and supportive manner.

Health and Wellbeing Support for students

The college has its own Medical and Welfare Officer, Aimie Chatfield.

She is available from 08.30 – 16.30 Monday – Thursday and 08.30 – 16.00 on a Friday.

We offer a drop-in or appointment-based health service that includes:

  • Management of medical conditions
  • Advice and information about sexual health including free condoms
  • Nutritional advice
  • Weight management
  • Period products/advice
  • Mental health services
  • Registering with a GP/Dentist
  • Advice about self-care, plus much more

Aimie is also a fully qualified first aid instructor and can deliver all of the work-based qualifications including the Level 3 Award in Emergency First Aid at Work, Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work qualifications, and the Paediatric First Aid qualifications which will be very helpful for the those wanting to study medicine or paramedic science.


At King Ed’s we want our students to develop personally and offer a wide range of enrichment activities which all year 12 students are asked to participate in.

There really is something for everyone, with staff-led groups which can be both recreational and support your programme of study. There are also student-led groups that cater to every interest, from ‘medical ethics’ to ‘Harry Potter appreciation society’. We have very active dance and drama companies and offer a wide range of musical ensembles such as choirs and orchestras, and many of our students form their own bands.

For students who want to participate in a college sports team we have plenty of opportunities to get involved; with swimming, cricket, football, netball, hockey and rugby teams. We also have an extensive programme of sports and exercise activities and a fully equipped gym which is available to all students.

Henry Hickman Library

Welcome to the library.

The library at King Edward’s originated in 1665 thanks to a generous donation of books presented by Henry Hickman, a member of a prominent family of Stourbridge clothiers. Refurbished in 2019, the library now resides within the aptly named Henry Hickman building.

We offer a large catalogue of resources, from essentials for study to newspapers, fiction and wellbeing books. We actively encourage reading and exploration through literature whether from our physical book collection or from our vast range of online resources.

Open five days a week, we also offer multiple types of study spaces, from single, quieter study spaces to group areas, PCs and breakout zones. We have invested heavily in our learning spaces and hope to offer all who need it a welcoming and comfortable space throughout the day.

Our dedicated staff are happy to help you with any queries and we look forward to welcoming you all to the library.